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2017-11-29 This server has now been moved into a VM.

Honestly, having its own core2duo & 3GB ram was overkill for it, so now it's taking up a practically unnoticable corner of a Xeon X5650 hex-core with 16GB ram that's running constantly anyway.

Saves a few watts, at least.
2017-11-24 Warning: sometime in the next year, this will be going away.

Sadly, everything is extremely outdated, and in most cases can't be upgraded due to either being discontinued years ago, or newer versions being incompatible with existing. Adding on top of that, hack attempts have gone through the roof...

So, save anything you want to keep.
2004-11-22 Website up for business!

Quote of the month:
"All the world is a stage...
Now if only we had some better actors."
--Shinji the Good Sharer